Monday, August 23, 2010

Crissy Field............... Love It! / Three of Four

Eight Years ago I returned from New York City to San Francisco and I went to Crissy Field every day for the first the year and a half. It is stunning! and beyond stunning it fills my soul with peace and quiet. I feel as if I can breath when I am there.

A former airplane strip that begins at the Marina Green and ends under the Golden Gate Bridge. The ocean, the marsh land, the gentle grass blowing in the wind, and the Golden Gate Bridge in the background is breath taking. Crissy Field has the most amazing views of the City, Alcatraz, and Marin County. Crissy Field offers something for everyone and it is amazing how there are different self selected sections.
Sail Boats, Biking, Running, the Baby section, Picnic section, Fishing section, Dog section, barbeque section, stacking rock section, it has something for everyone!
It is a lovely place to be on your own.


  1. crissy fields is a blast - such a great part of the city!

  2. Thank you for coming by! come often!
    I appreciate it!