Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alamo Square Home of the Painted Ladies! four of 4!

A lovely place to be on your own in San Francisco is Alamo Square.Alamo Square is located in the Western Addition District behind Divisidero street it is a big square about ten blocks around The Streets that are around Alamo Square are Scott, Fulton, Stiner, Hayes, Pierce. Right off of Pierce are the amazing "Painted Ladies" the Beautiful Victorians that are so classically San Francisco! Seen in many movies, on post cards,
on television, the Painted Ladies are breath taking, as you come up the crest of the hill you see a huge mound and right beyond the mound are the Ladies!
Continue your alone time with a book, and a coffee watching people pass by. The well known painted ladies will remind you that you are in the city by the bay!

Being on your own is a reminder of how important it is to be happy with ones self.
Comfortable in your own skin. Confident that you know who you are and trust your self.
That strong sense of self is invaluable,and it will never let you down.
Finding your center and being happy deep inside is like nothing else in the world!


  1. so beautiful!!!
    greetings from Spain

  2. Hello Spain!!
    Thank you for reading! come back often because
    I will always have something new to share!
    thank you!