Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Filbert Steps & Coit Tower Part 2 of 4

Photo by Frishtah Afifi

The Filbert Steps are really fantastic!
They are very steep and an excellent work out. You begin by walking up the steepest part of the steps at your own pace. Towards the top do push up's against a bar near the top. Then at the top do sit ups and crunches.
Look at the view, breath.
At the top of the steps is Coit Tower which was built in 1933 at the request of
Lillie Hitchcock Coit made to beautify the city. It is a monument to Fire Fighters.
Inside the mural was made by Bertrand Zakheim and Ralph Stack and 26 artist from The California School of Fine Arts. Leftest images are depicted on the walls including
the news that Diego Rivera's mural in Rockefeller Center was destroyed.

The Filbert Steps is a lovely place to be on your own, it is beautiful, calm, and it is a better work out than the gym. Besides the Parakets of Telegraph Hill may sing while you walk up ALL of the steps!

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