Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Best Friends, A Birthday, and so much Art!!!

Picture this:
Two girls running through a park, playing in a creek,jump roping, laughing laughing laughing... My Birthday was last Thursday and I LOVE my birthday it gives me an opportunity to gather my friends and family and enjoy each others company..This year my best friend from New York flew in and we ran from place to place laughing, eating, discovering, everything we had four days of so much fun!

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is showing a peek of what will be the most extensive collection of Modern Art anywhere. The Doris and Donald Fisher Collection " From Calder to Warhol Introducing The Fisher Collection" is in a word, FANTASTIC!!!! What makes it so spectacular is that Doris and Donald Fisher collected what they loved with out professional help, and they collected works of the most prolific modern artist, for decades.

Which means that they followed an artist work over several decades! which is exciting because the artist changed and grew and the Fishers continued to collect.

Standing in a room filled with Chuck Close for example was an honor. Seeing where he started compared to where he is now is like falling into an Art History Book and swimming in knowledge. It is an experience not to be missed and to share it with your best friend who flew in for your birthday... PRICELESS!


  1. Gorgeous--the birthday girl AND the art!