Thursday, August 12, 2010


Twin Painting by Max Miller

The Day after my birthday, my best friend and I went to Calistoga in Napa County an hour and a half north of San Francisco. Driving on highway 12 is always so refreshing, no matter how often I drive on that highway, it is so beautiful I smile all over.

As you drive on highway 29 you have to drive through St Helena the town with the most amazing shoe store in the world!!! and just after St Helena is the cute down to earth town of Calistoga home of natural springs and mud baths.

My favorite low key spa that has old fashioned mud baths is Indian Springs Resort and Spa. It is elegant and simple. The mud baths are divine, very old, charming and low key.

However this trip we went to Solage Calistoga Resort. Solage has the feeling of a 1930's black and white movie. It is pristine and elegant but not over the top or pretentious in any way. They manage to strike the perfect balance between giving you service when you want it and leaving you on your own, the service is glamorous!
right when you think to your self, "humm I would love a glass of water," out of no where a glass of water appears in your hand.

NOOOO.....! not really but this spa is really that good!

The treatments are wonderful, I had the coconut lavender scrub and massage and my best friend had the fuji apple scrub and massage. The Scrub made me feel very relaxed.

my skin felt incredible soft.

After the scrub we both had the "Fire and Ice" facial.

WOW did it heat up or what!!

First they put on the fire mask, The "fire" is made up of paprika, cinnamon and other stuff.

The "Ice" part of Fire and Ice feels like cold yoguart that has been drizzled in mint,
the effect is simply blissful! It was amazing to be pampered all day!!

Solage Calistoga Resort is the creame de la creame of spas!

Indian Springs is the mud bath takers low key yet elegant paradise.

Solage is simple, lovely ,and they understand that service is an art!

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