Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sydney G. Walton Square

The Day Before one's birthday is always a little like the day before Christmas,excitement fills the air last touches on plans, and if your like me you have friends arriving from other places that need picking up at the airport! All the preparation for a great celebration requires a lot of running around.

Sometimes the only time you have to relax is no time so in order to stay balanced when I have no time is to walk through one of many of San Francisco's City Squares.
One that I recommend is the Sydney G. Walton Square located between Jackson, Front,and Davis Streets. It was named for Sydney G.Walton a San Francisco banker who was the Vice Chairman of Redevelopment. The Square was designed by Peter Walker a well known Landscape Architect.
The Colombo Market Arch on Front street between Jackson and Pacific is left over from when the Square was a produce market. There are a number of really wonderful sculptures.
I love the older people doing Tai Chi Chuan, dogs playing catch, people eating lunch, babies laughing as they run down the gentle slope that is designed like a soft pillow.
It is never crazy there, and their seems to be plenty of room for everyone.
who knew that a little square could offer so much!

Artist: The Penguins by Beniamino Bufano 1967. Big Heart by Jim Dine 1984.
Two Open Rectangles by George Rickey 1977, Tide Pool by Claire Falkenstein, Four Seasons by Francois Stahly 1962, Portrait of Georgia O' Keef by Marisol Escobar 1992.


  1. Thanks for a great post about a corner of this city I've never visited. I can't wait to check out this tranquil little spot!

  2. I am so happy that I can introduce you to this cute part of San Francisco!