Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Band is back together in a Wine Cave!

The Holidays are fantastic for many, many, many, reason one of my favorite things about the Holidays, Is that old friends who don't get to see each other as often as we would like
are in town. On The Weekend before Thanksgiving my good friends, who just had a baby girl decided that we wanted to visit our close friends who this year moved to

When we arrived to our surprise, two close friends of all of ours happen to be in town!
We all used to run around in a pack on a regular bases.

Recently some of us have gotten married, had children, moved away, and started our own business which requires most of our time.

We had a mid- week Pre- Holiday mini get- away In the Wine Country, complete with a Spa Day, and a morning hike. We had loads and loads and loads of deep belly laughs, we all stayed with my friend so we had a PJ party..

The Highlight was dinner in a Wine Cave! the friend who lives in Healdsburg is a Chef, and his Yucann specialties are amazing! Our other friend is a wine specialist, so the wine was very special and our dear friend who we were all visiting, is very closely associated with the Hotel Healdsburg so we explored the Hotel's newest project H2. ( Hotel Healdsburg 2) Lunch there was of course divine!!

"The band is back together" is the perfect description for a very sweet and perfect day! Thank You C & M..great to see you D & B & baby K! Great of you to come to town J!
and L!! as always its fantastic to spend time with you!
xoxo S

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