Monday, November 29, 2010

Justin Herman Plaza....Our Town Square!

If San Francisco was London in the 1800's then Justin Herman Plaza would be the
"Town Square"

Second only to the Ferry Building, Justin Herman Plaza is the Starting Place for some of San Francisco's most wonderful civic events. One of the most notable and very
"San Francisco" is Critical Mass a monthly bicycle ride for radical political bike riders who feel that the only mode of transportation is the bike....

Justin Herman Plaza is also the center place for the seasonal ice rink,the
San Francisco, Giants Celebration and it is a hang out for lunch on a beautiful day, many marketing extravaganzas take place here on a regular bases.

Four days a week right next to the Plaza are artist and crafts people selling everything from flat bottles to earrings in abundance.
Justin Herman Plaza is San Francisco's un-official "Town Square!"

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