Friday, October 15, 2010

Wayyyy Beyond The Fog....LAS VEGAS!!!

Las Vegas!!
Ok So Las Vegas is wayyyyy beyond the fog! but it's only an hour and a half flight from the Bay Area. Even if gambling, drinking and smoking are not your thing, Vegas has something for everyone! We went on a long weekend to celebrate my mother and brother's birthday's. We had a blast! We ran around like crazy, looking at the themed hotels, shopping and eating. The best surprise was dinner in City Center in Aria Julian Serrano is a chef from Spain, he blends unique flavors together, we had a five course meal which is rare in our country, it was exceptional!

City Center is a new development in Las Vegas, it looks like a mini New York, and is more like New York than the hotel "New York, New York".
The inside is a mall that looks more like a beautifully designed indoor space with Madison Avenue Shops. All of the biggest designers have stores there, but not just stores... Flagship Stores which means that the clothes go right from the runway to that particular store, and for a follower of fashion that is exciting!
My friend Annette and I tried everything on we ran from store to store like two girls in their mother's closet..I tried on FIVE pairs of PRADA shoes FIVE!!!!! and I didn't buy any, not because I didn't want to but because Las Vegas is too far to walk back home!

The other highlight was brunch, on my mother's real birthday 10-10-10 brunch was not brunch it was a BREAKFAST EVENT!!
The restuurant is called Simon it is in the Palm Casino Hotel a cute modern boutique hotel that is just off the Strip. The wait staff are all in there PJ's and they encourage you to wear yours (nope) you pay one fee and can eat a huge variety of breakfast food, that range from sushi to cotton candy.

We were 23 and we sat in an L shape table with a beautiful pool outside and two TV's on the wall with both the football and baseball games on.. Bliss! we ate, laughed, talked, watched the game, and ate again it was divine.. It was a nice change to celebrate a birthday and be casual and super relaxed..we all had a excellent time!...

The Cream of the weekend was Sunday night when we all went to see
"LOVE" Cirque du Soleil to the Beatles music! It was so stunning that we all were speechless. It is lovely, and at the end most everyone was crying...

It is well worth flying down to Vegas just for that show and then coming right back..............


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