Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alemany Farmers Market Saturday's in the City!

Alemany Farmers Market is in a word amazing!
It's like stepping into a different world! I have never been, and my friend from childhood, who is a chef, and food consultant brought me. It's very similar to the food markets overseas outside of Europe. It's much more like a market in Africa and or Asia.
It's very, very, very crowded and bags and barrels of fresh vegetables are everywhere!
An abundance of colors, people milling about, fresh flowers in the middle of the chaous and prepared food is in the last row. Hot sun and kids running around, the selection of vegetables are the most extensive I have ever seen. Tasting all the lovely greens and other vegetables was super fun!

Buying directly from the farmer is such a treat! Everyone is shopping there,
kids, adults, older people teenagers, everyone!!.....and everyone is tasting the most
unusual vegetables and fruit in the bay area!

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