Monday, September 6, 2010

Rustic Vineyards, Laughter, Swiming and Amazing Wine!!!

Boonville, CA is a small town located off highway 28 in Mendocino California.

My dear friend Annette invited me to join her at her father- in laws home. He has two Vineyards and produces grapes that are used to make several high end boutique wines.
We walked the vineyards, swam in the pool,tasted wonderful wines,and the kids made an amazing dinner. We ate as if we were in Europe. Dinner was served at 10:00pm we had fresh pasta with local meatballs that were the best I ever tasted! We had apple pie that was made from the apples that grew on the Vineyard. Annette and Nate's kids are very close to there grandfather, and there grandfather grows the best grapes in the area!
My friend Annette and her husband Nate are such good friends. Such kind people, it was very generous of them to share this very special place with me...

Boonville Mendocino California! SAVOY VINEYARD!!!

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  1. Beautiful! We were just in that neck of the woods, too, in Sea Ranch! Beautiful country our neighbors to the north keep! Thanks for the pictures.