Friday, September 17, 2010

Russian Hill and Polk Street simple yet charming.

Russian Hill is one of the most charming neighborhood's in San Francisco. It boast of
Lombard Street, Hyde Street cable car's, beautiful homes ,cute cafes, hidden steps, great ally's , and amazing views. The hills in Russian Hill are are so steep that you feel as if your walking vertical with your nose touching the street. Upper Polk is a great street. It is a blend of regular Mom and Pop stores , boutiques , antique stores, and specialty stores.
It has restaurants , cafes, sports bars, book stores and one of the very first organic local grocery stores. It’s a place to go when you want to hang out. Sundays are easy on Polk street. There are no long lines for fashionable brunch places, no one is hurrying to and from,
everyone is taking there time. The cafe’s are filled with people who are playing chess, reading, working on there computer and visiting with one another. It's very relaxed.

The mixture of normal business balanced by trendy business make upper Polk Street unique!

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