Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer at the Ferry Building

I love the Ferry building! I am there all the time, It is one of the things in San Francisco that is just wonderful. The smells, the colors, the people, and the food! It is the perfect combination of a European Market and a Farmers Market.
I love that I can find things that are local, made to perfection, and that are BEAUTIFUL! The Farmers Market is really great! It is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Heath Ceramics just opened in the Ferry Building It's a Sausalito based
Ceramic Studio that began in 1948 By Edith Heath. My friends Briggs and Patti introduced me to Heath and now I want to collect it!


  1. I love San Francisco! I have seen the building but never got the chance of seeing it from the inside. It looks like a great place!

  2. gorgeous site and great pictures! i *love* the ferry building - sensory overload in the best possible way :)