Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Importance of doing what you love.

A little back story:
When I was young, I was told on numerous occasions that I was a very good writer.

I had a very hard time believing that because I am dyslexic and reading is very slow for me,and spelling even the simplest words is difficult. I have been teased about this my entire life, even as an adult a very good friend who is an avid reader and a editor by trade had no idea what dyslexia is and had no patience for me in terms of mis-spellings.

So last year when I was in the very beginning of a personal crisis, I over heard a friend talking about her writing class, I knew I had to do something to begin to feel "ok" again so I asked her where she was taking her writing class, and I took it! It took me until the end of the class to produce something, however just showing up each week was healing my sad soul. When the class was over, I immediately signed up again, this time I was far more productive and at the end of the class, a class mate mentioned Script Frenzy and how I should do it, the entire class broke out into a chant of support and I did Script Frenzy and finished my screenplay! After that incredible experience I signed up for my writing class once again. And now I have started a blog! My class is simply amazing our teacher Kristy is very creative and nurturing and the fellow students are kind,sweet,supportive,and amazingly talented.They are so genuine that I am floored and humbled each class by the diversity of people, projects,and personal experiences that they through their writing are willing to share. My class in a word is amazing! We have a perfect mix of
gender, race, and sexual preference, and everyone is supportive and loves to work on there ideas with glee. This class is Oh "So San Francisco!"


  1. Yay to Suzesb! and yay to our writing teacher:

    I agree that pursuing what you love is the most important action you can take. Thanks for the reminder.