Friday, April 22, 2011

Oakland is Carmel & Salt wrapped up together!

Oakland is Carmel and Salt together!
You know how the new thing is to mix sweet and salt together because its totally yummy, and an interesting surprise the sweet with the salt.. well Oakland is like that, It's the Brooklyn New York of the West..YES it has a bad reputation but, that is minor and much smaller than what is reported, It sweetness out weighs the salty side and where is a little salty the sweet is near by...and the very salty to be avoided at all cost!

for now... I say for now because things change, sooner or later they always change..

Oakland is attracting super star chefs and super cool eaterys are poping up all over the place. Downtown Oakland is transforming seemingly over night with Plum a new sleek reasonablepriced, late night hot spot and bake sale betty just around the corner..Like Brooklyn 25 years ago when Spike Lee single handly changed Fort Green into the multi- cultral mecca it is today, Downtown Oakland is catching fire.

Jack London Square has wondeful local hip places like Encontreau, Blue Bottle roast there bean here , and Minett bakes here!.
Temenscal has Berma Star..
and Lake Marritt is Beyond Pristine its Post Card beautiful..the Christmas Lights
around the lake make it feel like a lovely Piazza in Italy at Christmas..Early in the morning the racing boats row by and you feel as if your in a movie about Ernest Hemmingway...
Oakland has loads of hiking and bike trails and the Oakland Hills feel like
the Hollywood Hills, Lovely HUGE Homes tucked behind the trees..
Piedmont is like a town in New England with big trees lining the streets lovely homes people walking there dogs its really peaceful to walk or bike.
The nehjborhoods that are both Salty and Sweet have some lovely spots.
When you have a sunday morning go to brown bettey for an amazing brunch but go early because there are no reservations and the lines are long.. Seems that Salty Mixed with Sweet is Very popular and growing! That is great News for Oakland!

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