Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In Other Words..

Once you love yourself and can be happy on your own you may meet someone who is also great on there own and the two of you may find that being two is just as interesting
as being one!.......
After a time, being two always produces someone or something else!
Therefore its true... Two Plus Two always equals three!!!


  1. HI! thanks for let me know about your blog & sharing your thoughts and things to know about SF.. Just being back here from NYC myself, You now have truly inspired me on how to appreciate this city once again. And not to mention you have awaken my soul.. I think I found the answer that I'm looking for after reading all your post.. thanks again! It was nice seeing you today at the pool party ;) Mar

  2. My Pleasure!! Please keep reading
    and give our city a chance its much more fun then you think!
    good to see you too!