Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Late Night Thoughts.

Summer in San Francisco is tough, because it's cold when you want it to be warm.
We live where the weather can be foggy in one part of town and sunny in another.
My birthday is in the summer and growing up it was always foggy on my birthday.
Well now that I am an adult I want it to be SUNNY and warm in the summer. I lived in New York most of my adult life where it was HOT all summer. When I moved back home I learned very quickly that "Summer here means to change the colors of your wardrobe OR drive to the East Bay, Marin or Napa for the sun.

This Summer we are having the coldest summer in 70 years 70! so to make me feel like its summer I painted my toes a sea foam green and my finger nails a cotton candy pink. So if you need a little summer try painting your nails a sunny color and when you bundle up at least your toes will be smiling.

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