Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ahh..... The Embarcadero

The other word for EMBARCADERO is transformation. When I was growing up the entire Embarcardero was a forgotten waste land the freeway went above the Embarcadero creating this shadow of doom and gloom. In 1991 the freeway came down which parted the waters for The Embarcadero to receive an enormous face lift! In 2003 the Ferry Building was renovated, the street car ran the entire length of the water way, housing south of market went up and the Ball Park was built, then the T Line was built connecting the southern part of San Francisco to the rest of the city, Mission Bay was established and now we have this stunning water way that utilizes the piers, open space is celebrated and business by the bucket fulls have opened up, shedding light on organic, local and sustainable products.
Restaurants, Cafes, Dinner Theater, Go Carts, and lots and lots of walking. The Piers were renovated and are used as open spaces a beautiful walkway next to the water was just finished last year and all types of restaurants and cafes have moved in.
This transformation is simply AMAZING!!

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